UniBinder 8.2L

The most user friendly binding system ever

UniFoil Printer

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We provide our clients with the most revolutionary document presentation systems.Thanks to over 30 years of research, development and worldwide client feedback, we completed a range of systems and accessories for your printed presentation needs.

Unibind is built around the most innovative binding method: steel binding.
This patented SteelBinding concept distinguishes the Unibind transparent or hardbook cover from all other covers on the market.

At the back, each Unibind cover is provided with a U-formed steel spine. This distinctive and fundamental part of the cover protects every document or photo book binding on three sides. Furthermore, the U-formed steel spine functions as a heating conductor and reservoir with a Resin SteelBinding product. Each Resin SteelBinding machine starts up its heating compartment while in contact with steel.

The hard resin inside the cover then melts as the U-formed steel -basin- prevents it from being absorbed by the cover finishing. The pre-assembled paper edges sink into the heated resin binding.