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UniBinder 8.M with Manual Crimper

UniBinder 8.M with Manual Crimper

Easy, fast and neat document presentation

The UniBinder 8.M is the newest technology for an easy binding of your document. It combines the traditional and proven Unibind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element. It is designed for office use: flexible covers on an easy to use machine. It binds documents from 1 up to 120 sheets with only 4 spine sizes of covers. Bind, crimp and cool in seconds with only one system.


The UniBinder 8.M document binding unit can bind up to four documents at once and uses a built-in manual crimper. It can crimp spine sizes that hold up to 120 sheets. Using only four spine sizes of covers you can bind a variety of different page size documents using the same technology.

The is no warm-up time required before you can start binding thus it is instantly ready to use. The UniBinder automatically switches off when your document is bound therefore the is no wasted electricity usage.

Using a UniBiner is very easy. Place your document into the spine, place the document onto the heating element and after the green light comes on place the document into the crimping department and crimp it by pushing down on the lever. The binding unit automatically detect the steel spine inside the covers and activates each function. Safety is important to us therefore the machine is only activated by the steel inside the spine, any non-magnetic object can not activate it. The crimping compartment for this machine is manual and easily crimps the spines down to the desired size.

Super-strong permanent bond. The crimping movement pushes the paper into the binding resin for a guaranteed binding quality.

One unique feature of the Unibind binding solution is that documents can be edited quickly and easily. If there is a mistake on a page, simply place the bound document onto the heating element and after the light turns green remove the unwanted page, them simply insert the new page in its place.

Always ready to use. Maintenance-free.